Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Always Been a Bullshitter

The list is endless, but one of Musk's lies is that he is the "founder" of Tesla, when in fact he bought it from the actual founders and somehow managed to successfully sue to be granted the sole feudal title (I think the whole "FOUNDER" thing is weird).

A con man clown with just enough of substance (Tesla did produce cars that were popular enough, SpaceX rockets do seem to manage to launch) to let him bullshit through to the next month.

Oh, Elon

Which rich guys will win!!!
Musk negotiated the Twitter deal over the weekend of April 23 and April 24 without carrying out any due diligence, the proxy statement shows.
No smart talking law guy but my understanding is I AM WAIVING ANY DUE DILIGENCE was spelled out. Musk tweeted on Tuesday that Twitter chief executive Parag Agrawal has refused to show proof for his company's estimate and that the deal cannot move forward until he does. Twitter's proxy statement shows that in the run-up to the deal Musk made no effort to get information about the issue.

"Mr. Musk did not ask to enter into a confidentiality agreement or seek from Twitter any non-public info regarding Twitter," Twitter said in its proxy statement.

A Life Unlived

(Musk and Bezos)

America's Worst "Liberal" Lawyers

Akhil Amar. 

Everybody's gotta eat, but they do not need multiple yachts.


I don't know everything about everything, and I do always try to make clear on here when I am just shooting the shit or when I have some knowledge about what I post on here. One thing I do know is Musk!

It was hilariously sad when all the pundits got excited about Musk starting the process of merging his consciousness and bank accounts with twitter. I was reminded again that when people write authoritatively and incorrectly about something you know about (so it's obvious), consider how often they do the same about things you don't know about (so it's less obvious).

He's been on a multi-day rampage of violating his agreements with Twitter and committing clear SEC violations. But, YOLO, I said.


Tuesday flavor.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Monday Night

Rock on.

Happy Hour

Just another manic Monday.

It's 2022

Of my many failures, a large one has been failing to convince most of the powers that be that the mainstream conservative propagandists, especially ones with clear professional and personal black marks (like Obama's SUPER BOWL interview guy Bill O'Reilly), should be treated as toxic, as beyond the pale, as people who should be shunned. Yes, "canceled," at least by them. You don't have to go on Fox or Rogan, and if you do you, certainly treat them as hostile, not amiable sparring partners.

Democrat guests are key to the business model, they're the pitch to advertisers.

Oh, but Atrios, how else will Democrats reach the people least likely to vote for them? I dunno, Alan, but suspect it isn't helping much!

Nothing We Can Do

"Shit, we have a problem, how can we solve this," should be the priority reaction for a competent White House, not a wave towards the golden book of excuses.

And, no, it's not always about politics or getting credit or whether you get blamed (or not) for things undeservedly. If the Excecutive has any purpose at the moment, it's mobililzing the resources and power of the state to feed babies.* Or similar.

*I have not followed this particular issue closely and claim no insight, other than, "however this happened, maybe somebody sould do something, and that somebody is us" is the right response from the people in charge. And when the guy in charge of making things happen instead spends his time texting his favorite journalists about how there's nothing to be done, find the guy who has a different attitude.

Life under communism is as bad as they said!

Lunch Thread

Macaroni Monday.

Reasonable Moderate Republicans

Part of the scam is once you get reporters to check that box, it's almost impossible to get them to uncheck it. Not fully, anyway.
Notably, The New York Times, just this past March, didn’t even mention the Facebook ads or Stefanik’s promotion of white supremacist ideology in a piece that focused on Stefanik’s complete embrace of Trumpism. The article, headlined, “Elise Stefanik, Reinvented in Trump’s Image, Embodies a Changed G.O.P.,” did a fair job of showing the radical turn by Stefanik, who was once considered a moderate, and underscored her ambitions as she stabbed Liz Cheney in the back, moving into Cheney’s leadership post as Cheney was ostracized for standing against Trump.

But the story failed to report on Stefanik’s promotion of White replacement theory (and it doesn’t appear that the Times reported on Stefanik’s Facebook ads last September when they began running either). In fact, the Times piece, by Annie Karni, appeared to try to distinguish Stefanik from others who promote extremist ideas in the party (bold added for emphasis):

And as her party veers toward extremism, Ms. Stefanik refused to condemn the Republicans who speak most loudly to the fringe. Asked about Ms. Greene, who recently spoke at a white nationalist event, and Representative Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, who has called President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine a “thug,” she said the two were merely reflecting the views of the voters in their districts.

E-Elise and Big Tech Tucker

Just stop.


I do think we need to reverse this trend of it becoming less and less likely for powerful and/or rich people to ever face legal consequences for anything, even of the mild "pay the fine equivalent to your couch quarters" variety.

I don't think "it was ever so." It was ever so more than it should have been, but it is getting worse! These guys don't even sweat a bit occasionally anymore.

They used to take securities fraud a bit seriously, if only because screwing (other) rich people was a no-no, but now the mega-rich screwing the merely rich seems to be fine!

Monday Morning

It is morning in America.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday Night

Stan did love The Who, back in the day anyway.

New Euphemism Just Dropped

"Ethnic mass attacks" what the fuck is wrong with these people.

Atrios: WRONG!

I used to think there was a kind of cultural hierarchy of bigotry, in that some kinds were much worse than others, and some were perfectly acceptable if not or even encouraged (post-9/11, for example, not having some freakishly extreme anti-Muslim views was deviant).

Some truth to that, still, but I more see it as, basically, right wing bigotry is good and any bigotry that can be pinned on The Left is bad.

Sort of like how people who are actual Nazis love to accuse liberals of being Nazis. National SOCIALISM checkmate, libs! It makes sense if you get that while left wing Nazis are bad, right wing Nazis are good!

Bad News Keeps Coming

Just found out a good college friend died.  RIP Stanley J. Rath.  You were the best of our ridiculous motley crew.

Stop Legitimizing The Racist Fascist Propaganda Outlet

You should not ever hand it to Fox, do anything that communicates the idea that it is a legitimate news outlet.

Sunday Morning

Sunday funday.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Saturday Happy Hour