Saturday, March 24, 2018

Late Night

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Saturday Happy Hour

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My Book Proposal

Actually, everything is good, and for those that it isn't good... it's their own damn fault.

Give me all the advance money.

Attacking The Troops To Own The Libs

It'll never get framed this way in the Emm Ess Emm but Trump is attacking The Troops (transgender troops) in order to Own The Libs.

If The Libs ever went after The Troops like this it would be an assault on the flag and country and... but since it's conservatives going after transgender troops, it's all good.


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Please give me all your money so I can afford to buy a self-driving car.

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Regulations Are Good

A death resulting from an incident with a self-driving car was inevitable. The other big companies will probably focus on how Uber is shitty, and their cars are Good, and maybe they'll be right, but the "responsible" (assuming they are) companies had an interest in making sure shit self-driving cars were kept off the road because every self-driving car accident, even ones which have nothing to do with them, are going to set back their industry.

Of course I still don't think these things are going to work in a useful fashion, but people are betting lots of money that they will.

Not Ready

Uber's cars are shit.

Waymo, formerly the self-driving car project of Google, said that in tests on roads in California last year, its cars went an average of nearly 5,600 miles before the driver had to take control from the computer to steer out of trouble. As of March, Uber was struggling to meet its target of 13 miles per “intervention” in Arizona, according to 100 pages of company documents obtained by The New York Times and two people familiar with the company’s operations in the Phoenix area but not permitted to speak publicly about it.

Friday, March 23, 2018



Friday Happy Hour

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Get The Lead Out

Drum is right to keep beating this drum. Lead broke brains and damaged society. Some of those broken brained people still run the world and are popular radio and TV hosts (and their fans) and that sort of thing. The kids, though, are alright. More alright, anyway.

Vicki and Joe

But they were good on TV?

Washington (CNN)Veteran Washington attorney Joseph diGenova's role as part of President Donald Trump's legal team is still in question, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

DiGenova's hiring was announced on Monday by Jay Sekulow, counsel to the President. DiGenova, along with his wife and law partner, Victoria Toensing, had a Thursday meeting with the President, the sources said. Even so, diGenova's role, as well as that of Toensing who is also in discussions about joining the team, are in flux. One source said no one has been officially hired.

At this point I think Trump's only "fun" is playing the "LOOK I'M KEEPING THEM GUESSING!!!" game which is completely stupid but hey it's Trump.

The Moustache Of Death

Bolton's a "kill'em all" racist. Trump will do whatever Fox and Friends tells him to do. Bolton will be good at getting his message on there, and kill'em all racists are basically their target demographic. Time to become a prepper.

They Don't Navigate With The DashCam

It's fair to ask the (unknowable) question of whether a typical driver would have hit the pedestrian as the robot car did (and also fair to be skeptical of anything Uber puts out about this), but the robot cars are supposed to use fancy sensors that shouldn't be defeated by weird phenomenon like shadows. If the car didn't react at all to the pedestrian before killing her, which is how it looks, that's a big problem.

Spring Fundraising Funstravaganza!

Spring already? Doesn't look that way outside.

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Philadelphia's Worst Humans

Amy Wax.

Can Also Recognize Mangled Flesh

Cool cool.

Depending on a person's gestures — a welcoming thumbs-up, shouting or frantic arm waving — the drone can adjust its behavior, according to the patent. As described in the patent, the machine could release the package it's carrying, change its flight path to avoid crashing, ask humans a question or abort the delivery.

Among several illustrations in the design, a person is shown outside a home, flapping his arms in what Amazon describes as an "unwelcoming manner," to showcase an example of someone shooing away a drone flying overhead. A voice bubble comes out of the man's mouth, depicting possible voice commands to the incoming machine.

Bad News/Good News

Bad news: Bolton named National Security Advisor.

Good News: He doesn't take office until April 9th. With this administration, the odds of things going as planned are pretty slim.

It's all I got to get me through the day.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Late Night

Rock on.

Torsdag kväll

have fun

Succinctly Put

Been trying to express this and failing.

Indeed, it's entirely possible to imagine a self-driving car system that always follows the letter of the law—and hence never does anything that would lead to legal finding of fault—but is nevertheless way more dangerous than the average human driver. Indeed, such a system might behave a lot like Uber's cars do today.

In a sense they can programmed to never be "at fault" and even if they work perfectly they aren't necessarily going to be safer than human drivers, both in terms of accidents they could be involved in and accidents they might cause to happen around them. If there's little pressure, legal or otherwise, for them to be more safe they certainly won't be. The point is "they'll be safer" is just an article of faith. Possibly? Yes! Certainly? Not necessarily even if they work "perfectly"!


Dow down 742.

Matthew Dowd Is A Fraud

This man is paid a lot by ABC News to pretend to know nothing about politics.

These are basically the views (good or bad!) of almost everybody who calls themself a Democrat, either voters or elected. You can not have as many abortions as you want and still think it should be legal for others should do so. You can be "for the 2nd amendment" (whatever that even means) and think that some degree of gun regulation is good. I don't think there's anybody on the planet who says, "I am against capital punishment because I hate justice" so I'm not even sure what this particular construction is supposed to mean. This is like 8th grade level political discussion from 1991.

Dowd holds iconoclastic positions that much of the country does, that an entire political party (and certainly every important member of that party that ABC News's Political Analyst ever talks to) does, and he likes to post tweets congratulating himself on his special flower uniqueness. The poor man has been abandoned by our political system which keeps giving him highly paid jobs!

I don't think this means Dowd has to say he's a Democrat. Maybe Democrats don't like war enough or don't hate black people enough or don't agree with some other positions Dowd holds (I have no idea) enough to please him, but to pretend that these are controversial views to anybody except Republicans is just fraud. He's a liar who is trying to maintain his No Labels Third Way If Only There Was A Party Of Common Sense Centrism Just For Me brand that networks are comfortable with and which has a totebagging fanbase.